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4 Traits Of a Strong Marriage

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      November 2, 2017     -

Having a strong marriage is something that most people would like to be able to have.  A strong marriage means functioning well together and being able to enjoy each other even during difficult times.  Couples who consider themselves happy are usually happy because they feel support from the other and a strong foundation in their relationship which gives them confidence.

When it comes to what makes a strong marriage strong, there are basic traits that these couples have which are commonly the same.   Here are the traits which are the most common.


In a strong marriage, these couples are able to compromise with the others needs.  In order to be able to meet the demands of each person in the relationship, each person needs to bend their needs once in awhile.  By accepting that sometimes the circumstances will be leaning more in your favor and sometimes in your partner’s favor, you will be able to reach a compromise on a regular basis.

There are all sorts of areas in your marriage where compromises are required of two people.  Everything from choosing your home design to buying produce.  It’s important to meet in the middle every time otherwise you’ll just end up frustrated and holding things against each other.


In the happiest relationships, the two people genuinely enjoy each other and their time spent together. This is because they aren’t just married, but they are friends.  

Having a friendship with your spouse means that you aren’t only together because of a romantic bond, but a genuine connection and mutual admiration for who both of you are.

If you aren’t sure whether you have a friendship or not, you can begin by asking yourself whether you enjoy simply laughing together or taking on simple activities together and enjoying it as if it were something exciting.  


Being respectful and talking to each other with kindness is crucial to keep your marriage strong. Without respect for each other, you will eventually start to have disdain for each other and grow apart over time.

Try to remain respectful at all times even when you are angry.  You’ll find that this will keep both of you happy in the long run and your spouse will mirror the respect you show them.  

The old saying rings true especially in a marriage: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Common Interests

Having things in common with the person that you are married to means that you have more things to talk about and things to enjoy together as a couple. When couples marry just for physical attraction their marriages sadly fizzle out once the attraction has worn off and the exciting newness is over.