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3 Ways To Put a Spark Back In Your Marriage

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      November 7, 2017     -

When it comes to marriage, even the most successful and happiest marriages can eventually lead to a spark dimming at one point or another. This is perfectly natural when two people are together for years. Rather than assuming that it’s all over and there is no turning back, you should consider that there are a few ways to breathe some life back into your relationship and get back to where you once were.

It’s important not to see marriage as a linear line, but rather a wave that ebbs and flows. You will have great times where you are connected and understanding each other, then periods of disconnect. It’s part of the process of marriage, as no two humans are perfect or in a constant state of bliss. Therefore, if you are starting to feel like your marriage is lacking in spark, consider the following ideas for getting things back on track.

Put It All On The Table

Often couples tend to withdraw from each other when start to feel a disconnect. They feel like perhaps if they just don’t bring it up it will disappear or eventually change for the better. However, this isn’t the case at all. When couples start to pull away from each other and resort to self-medicating like drinking heavily or committing adultery, this will only increase your issues.

Decide to have a sit-down together and have a talk about everything you are feeling. Be brutally honest and upfront. The more that you are honest, the more you are giving the other partner a chance to redeem themselves. Without giving them the opportunity to reconnect with you and assuming it’s impossible, you are doing the both of you a great disservice.

Go On a Romantic Date

Nothing puts a spark back in a marriage like a little romance. By doing something which brings up feelings of intimacy and a mutual attraction to each other you will find that you are much more inclined to be physically intimate with each other as well as emotionally.

Try to go on a date at least once a week in order to keep the intimacy alive. Dates don’t have to be 5-star restaurants or tickets to the opera. Sometimes even a 20-minute walk can be a lovely way to pass the time together. If you have time and privacy, you can also try including sex toys to improve your sexual intimacy. You can look for a sex doll for men and a vibrator, dildo, or handcuffs for women (if this is what your both are into). Trying new things to spice up your romance can actually work for some people and you can totally consider such options.

Reminisce Over Your Early Days Together

Studies show that even marriages which are seriously troubled have the ability to make their way back to good standing simply by the couple remembering why they are together in the first place.

By going back in your mind and remembering all of your fun times together and how you first fell in love you can begin to have a newfound appreciation for your journey as a couple.