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The Advantages of a Pack and Play

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      October 25, 2017     -

For those of you who live under rocks, a pack and play is an awesome combination of playpen, crib, bassinette, playset, and more. They provide a nice, safe place for Baby while you are doing whatever it is that you do. They’re super handy, for example, to keep the baby safe and busy while you make dinner. They’re great on the road, giving you an easy and portable place for kids to play and sleep while in hotels. Some parents use them at home to keep Baby close by in their own bedrooms. The possibilities are literally as varied as the parents who buy them.

Pack and plays are everywhere these days. They are extremely popular with parents for a variety of reasons. They combine popular baby accessories into one compatible package. They fold down into portable cases that can be stored at home easily, stored at grandma’s house easily, thrown in the car and even taken on planes for travel. They save money compared to buying all these separate components individually. I know some parents who own 3 or 4 pack and plays, each with its own designated use and location!

With all the positive things about pack and plays, what’s the catch, you ask? Well, for one thing, you need to do your research. There are so many options on the market today that the choice is not an easy one. Many are low quality, and you don’t want to do like I did and find out that yours is lacking a key component that others might have (often for the same price!). One major factor to consider is how easily the pack and play breaks down and into how small a package. Spend a lot of time finding the best pack and play for you and your family so you don’t regret your choices later.

And one last thought: pack and plays make travel more fun! Getting the kids out of the house once and awhile, be it for a road trip to Disney or a plane ride across the country, can be helped and aided by a compatible pack and play. If you think you’ll travel with your pack and play, be sure to research the ones that break down to the smallest and lightest packages. Oh, and make sure it meets airline carry on or checked bag requirements and you are good-to-go!