Our Family

It's me

Hello to you all, and thank you very much for visiting my humble website! I am grateful that you have taken the time to look at what this website is all about, and I hope you can take some inspiration from the site, applying it as needed to your own family circumstances.Ultimately, I hope you will become a regular visitor to this website. This is a place where you can not only find relevant information, help and guidance, but more importantly contribute your stories and experience of how you choose to raise yourown family.

Before I get carried away with the many exciting plans I have for this website, allow me to introduce myself and my family to you, explaining how this website began.

In the Beginning

My Name is Lucy Thomas and I am a proud mother to four wonderful children, Dio, Lily, Cyrus and Clara. I am also a wife to Mark, an exceptionally loving husband and father. Together, the six of us reside in the dynamic city of Toronto in Canada. As a family, we like nothing better than heading off into the wilderness, or scaling mountain ranges, at every available opportunity, spending quality time together as family; just the six of us and Mother Nature! Yet, it hasn’t always been this way…

Me and Mark

Whilst Mark is a successful Manager for an advertising company, my career has now somewhat taken a different route! During 2016, I made the decision to leave my high-flying role as a CEO for a national preschool franchise system. A rapidly growing company, I was honoured to work in such a respectable position successfully, for over nine years. However, trying to raise my family whilst committing to the demands of the industrybecame impossible.

I was close to breaking point; constantly tired, irritable and, worst of all, missing my children. When I found myself tiptoeing through the door after an exhausting 14-hour day, with my children all fast asleep, it dawned on me that some weeks I was only seeing my children for an hour each day. The final straw was having to cancel a long-awaited family holiday because my office was in the process of implementing a new system, which I needed to oversee.

Our kids

There was no other option than to give up my job; my children needed their mum, Mark needed his wife and I needed my family back.

A Website Was Born

When I took what I felt was a momentous decision to change mine and my family’s life for the better, I didn’t realise how hard it would initially be. Of course, both women and men make such life altering decisions almost every day when their children come along. Yet, amidst turning your life around for the better, it can sometimes feel lonely, and you never really know if what you are doing is right for those around you.

I have received numerous comments and messages of support, from so many people, since choosing to stay at home to raise my children. I soon realised that families like mine needed a community where they could share their thoughts and feelings. The need to create a conversation between families in a similar situation was there – but the opportunity to do this was not. To solve this problem, I created the website you see before you!

So, come and join me and my family, as together we take the often challenging but thoroughly rewarding journey of parenthood. Ultimately, let us connect here and help each other every step of the way.