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How to Protect Your Home Property Line

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      June 26, 2018     -

When you’re a homeowner, you have lots of different responsibilities. If you live on any amount of land, you should take all of the steps necessary to ensure that your property is delineated and protected accordingly.

There are various ways to make sure this is done appropriately. What you don’t want is to undergo some kind of conflict over what belongs to you and what doesn’t. You also don’t want to be targeted by someone who tries to take advantage of your unsecured land.

Make sure that you are aware of how to get your fences repaired, whether you need to get a security system installed, what kind of landscaping makes the most sense for secure property, and that you have all of the official paperwork necessary to prove to anyone else where your property line is.

Fence Repair

It is always best to have a fence up to show exactly where your property line is. If you do not have sufficient funds or materials to install one, you can decide to keep PVC Planter Boxes to Match Your Hampton style Fence or at least give the outlook of it. However, no matter what type of barrier you install, you’re going to have to maintain it. Fence repair is not something that everyone can do.

It’s not easy to repair chain-link fences or privacy fences or any professionally installed fence, really. You need to call a fence repair company as soon as you notice something that isn’t quite right, and have professionals come out and fix it. Some repairs are small and inexpensive, but others may demand some specialized equipment.

Security System Installation

If you want to make sure that none of the wrong people are intruding anywhere on your property, install a security system that has cameras pointing at all of your borders. If you have a lot of land, this may take a bit of doing to get set up properly, but you can rest easy after all of the system is in place, knowing that you have permanent visibility to all the different ways that people can get on your land. If they do, you want proof and a record of it.

Appropriate Landscaping

Another thing that you can do to protect your home property line is to put up some appropriate landscaping. Think about planting trees and bushes along the edge of your land. Not only could this look beautiful and increase the value of your home, but it also protects the property from strangers, wild animals, and encroaching neighbors.

Have Official Details to Prove Your Claims

You may have only the vaguest sense of where your property line ends. If you ever suspect there’s going to be a conflict between you and your neighbors or a local business, make sure you have documentation to back up your claims about how much of the land is yours.

Talking to a local county commissioner or city manager can usually get you all the information that you need.