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4 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      July 19, 2018     -

Being a parent isn’t always the easiest job in the world.  It can be difficult enough to take care of yourself, let alone someone else who can’t even use the toilet themselves for the first few years.  

Even if you buy every parenting book on the market, there is nothing that can prepare you for being a parent like experience.  Try as you may to be perfect, no parent can do everything perfectly without making a few mistakes along the way.

When it comes to the biggest mistakes that parents make, here are the ones that stick out most.

Not Practicing Self-Care

Parents spend so much time looking after their little ones that they can start to forget how to take care of themselves. They can begin to neglect to practice self-care thinking that it’s part of their responsibility as a parent.

However, taking care of yourself, so that you have confidence and feel good in your own skin is key to being the best parent that you can be.  If you don’t feel good, then you won’t be in the best head space.  Don’t forget to take time to give to yourself once in a while. Otherwise, you’ll reach a burnout.

Inconsistent Rules

When your child acts up, and you’re trying to establish a set of guidelines, it’s essential to lay down the law of the land without wavering.  Often parents make the mistake of creating a rule, only to make exceptions or enforce the rules inconsistently, which results in their children failing to respect their decisions.

Once you bend on a rule, a child is likely to expect you to make an exception every time.  It’s not only in your best interest to stay consistent on the rules, but also in the best interest of the child.  Kids crave consistency and boundaries, so be sure to remain constant when you enforce them.

Too Much Screen Time

Although it may be an easy solution to turn to the television to distract your child so that you can get some work done, leaning on it too much isn’t recommended.

Too much screen time discourages connection and conversation as a family.  It can also lead to a lack of creativity and even aggressive behavior.

Try to expose them to screens on a limited basis, and never more than an hour before bedtime. Otherwise, you risk them being overstimulated.

Lack Of Physical Activity

Since kids naturally have high energy, it’s crucial to encourage plenty of physical exercise.  Many parents find themselves frustrated with their children’s hyperactive behavior. However, this is the result if they don’t have an outlet to release their pent-up energy.

Getting your child outside to run around and tire themselves out will help alleviate hyperactive behavior and may reduce obesity later in their lives.