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Gamers In Your Family? Give Them Fair Warning

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      January 16, 2019     -

If anyone in your family plays video games a lot, then you know how all-encompassing that habit can be. However, because of the amount of time that is spent in the pursuit of video game challenges and successes, some warning labels should come with the lifestyle. If you are the gamer, you should make sure you know what they are, and if someone in your family is the gamer, you should give them a fair warning about some of the consequences of hard-core videogame use.

So once you notice someone in your household spending many hours per day gaming, what are some things warn them about? First of all, there are physical injuries associated with intense gaming. Beyond that, there is a mental addiction that can happen in some people. Some people who play video games a lot end up feeling very isolated. And then, other video games and video game systems can be very expensive over time.

Physical Injuries

First of all, with any repetitive motion there comes the potential for injury. So with people who play video games a lot, one of the first things to potentially hurt is your thumbs. And once that pain starts, it can be challenging to treat. Some gamers even eventually have to have surgery because the pain gets so bad. There are stretches that you can do to help prevent it, and then there are also pieces of equipment that are more ergonomically suited towards specific kinds of video games.


Videogame addiction is a real thing. If people find that playing video games starts to affect their personal or professional lives, it might be time to take a step back. It can affect the same part of the brains is gambling addictions or even drug and alcohol addictions. Especially with younger kids who don’t necessarily understand how their minds work and how video games are manipulating them into specific behaviors, problems can arise quickly and stay permanently.


Even though some video games are all about interacting with other players and people, there are many instances where people who play too many video games become isolated. They wrap their entire day around when they get to play, and they start leveraging the other activities of their lives against how it compares the feeling of when their gaming. At a certain point, this becomes extremely problematic.


Video games aren’t cheap either. If you buy the latest videogame system, the newest video game titles, and then some of the accessories associated with playing games, that can quickly reach into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If someone in your family feels like they’re starting to spend more money than they have on this habit, it’s important to let them know that it’s a slippery slope.