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Combining Room Potential Through Vinyl Flooring

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      August 18, 2021     -

Are you one of those people who like to match throughout the home, or do you prefer to shake things up a little to showcase diversity?

Sometimes even the most subtle links between rooms can provide a great sense of completeness, and in other cases having them different can offset the home completely. Where does the line between both meet?

Living Room to Kitchen

People like to have warm thick carpets in their living rooms, but carpets are hardly ever used in the kitchen due to being deemed unsuitable. It’s too much risk with the amounts of sauces and spills that can damage great carpet and leave stains that will not come out.

Most people have two different flooring options which rarely complement each other, with a border between doorways that tend to feel very disjointed. The other option is to have a complete joining via the use of luxury vinyl flooring design. Not only does it perfectly replicate the look of real hardwood flooring, but it also has many protective properties no matter which room poses the challenge.

So if you have heavy furniture in one room that requires a highly durable floor whilst the other requires something that can be easily maintained and resistant to stains and moisture, vinyl floor options such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring takes away two-room concerns whilst providing one full look for the bottom level of the home.

As many modern housing developments opt for combined living space and kitchens now, which have been an American staple for decades, vinyl flooring is seen as an option that combines practicality for both.

Bedrooms to Bathrooms

The top-level of a home is where different rooms clash at a greater volume.

The top-level rooms have their individuality and decor and do not match up well together, with laminate often chosen for bathrooms whilst a carpet may run through all bedrooms and the landing area. This also shows some rooms have a duller shade of carpet than others, usually due to certain rooms not getting as much natural sunlight. A children’s bedroom is also much more susceptible to carpet damage than an adult bedroom.

By having the cheap and sustainable vinyl flooring option fitted throughout the entire top floor of the home, you not only can keep each identity different, but you can also withstand all kinds of problems that your current flooring faces every day. Different designs of vinyl can perfectly interlink without looking awkward, meaning that whilst moisture and heat resistance in the bathroom can provide security for the subfloor whilst looking great, scratch and stain resistance in the kid’s bedroom will result in no damage that cannot be cleaned via a quick mop or sweep.

Underfloor heating can provide overall warmth throughout all rooms of the house as well, meaning that every room feels the same levels of constant comfort.

Whilst rooms may require their levels of care and consideration, luxury vinyl flooring offers stability throughout despite what may pose a threat to its consistency. Explore your potential through Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.