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Best State to Practice Immigration Law

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      April 7, 2021     -

Like any other university, Law schools take pride in their achievements as a campus body, and their backbone of knowledge turned to practice. Much like the top-notch universities all across the United States, many licensed legal representatives often inquire whether what state is the best to practice law? Moreover, as one of the hardest scopes amongst the sea of cases, practicing Immigration Law.

It is one to practice immigration law in any state, but it is another to practice it in the most recommended area to enhance and utilize your skills at the table. However, every state has its unique factor that signifies why they are the best among the rest when it comes to immigration law practice. To know more about these states, here are somewhere you can look through and consider.

New York

This is already a no-brainer for a United States’ City of Dreams. Being the city with the most number of people, it is a fact that non-citizens or immigrants also compromise new York City. In 2018 American Immigration Council stated that New York was home to 4.4 million non-citizens and women outnumbered men.

This is why it is one of the best states to practice immigration law secondary to its populous persona. Another factor that could be an addition to this is the average annual salary when working in this state. The average salary ranges from $126,000 up to 220,000 per annum.


Upon hearing about California, one already expects the state to have a massive number of residents. As the most populous state in the United States, California is also known for the number of immigrants they hold. According to the Public Policy Institute of California, 27% of the state’s population are all non-citizens back in 2019. If broken in a specific number, it is almost equivalent to 11 million. This only means that practicing immigration law in California can be a bit hectic but gives lawyers more opportunities to practice their expertise and degree.


A state found in the South-Central area; Texas is the second-largest state in the country on both parameter and population. This is why it was not a surprise that in 2018, Texas had an estimated 17% of the country’s total population. This then created an opportunity for legal representatives who committedly practices immigration law to help immigrants who may be in the run for deportation or expiration of visas.

Much like the states mentioned above, Texas also holds one of the highest annual salaries in the U.S. for immigration lawyers, ranging from $99,000 up to $186,000.


When it comes to knowing the best state to practice immigration law, it is always an excellent strategy to figure out your initial intention to practice in that specific state. This is to avoid being too overwhelmed moving from one state to another and applying their norm, rules, and regulations. This is to know whether you really want to help non-citizens in the courtroom or just want to do the job for self-gain. For more information, ask an immigration lawyer in Houston or anywhere near you.