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Why it Makes Sense to Have Regular Advanced Eye Examinations

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      July 27, 2018     -

The latest series of advanced eye examinations include optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) which is a non-invasive way for an optician to thoroughly check the current health status of your eyes. A qualified ophthalmologist can clearly see every layer of a person’s retina using this innovative imagery method and that can really help to diagnose eye issues that might otherwise go undetected.

Mapping and Measuring Retina Layers

By using an OCT eye test, the ophthalmologist can effectively measure and map the very distinctive layers of the retina, especially their thickness and this enables a very accurate diagnosis of retinal diseases, including glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic eye conditions.

The Scan Itself

Having an OCT scan is painless and with your head resting motionless on a special frame, the scan can begin. In some cases, the ophthalmologist will add some eye drops to help dilate the pupils prior to the scan and with only 5-10 minutes needed, the imaging is completed quickly. If you have never had an advanced eye examination, a localised Google search will put you in touch with a nearby ophthalmologist who can carry out the test at your convenience.

OCT Diagnosis

An OCT scan can reveal many issues and not all are related to the eyes, and with early diagnosis and treatment, many conditions can be treated before things get too severe. Here are just some of the diseases that an OCT examination can reveal.

  • Macular deformities – Including Macular Hole, Pucker and Edema.
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Serous Retinopathy
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Vitreous Traction

All of the above can be serious, especially is undetected for a period of time, which is why you should consult with your local ophthalmologist on a regular basis.

A Medical Window

Ask any eye specialist and they will confirm that by looking into a person’s eyes, it is possible to tell a lot about that person’s general health and well-being and with state of the art retina scanning, every detail can be clearly visible, enabling the eye specialist to identify potential issues.

Vision Deterioration

As we age, our vision focus changes, and this could come in the form of near or farsightedness, which is caused by the change in the shape of the eyeball. Further, it might lead to the regular use of high-power eye Glasses for reading, writing, knitting, and driving. An OCT scan reveals vision impairment very early and then an eye specialist can also provide vision correction treatment in the form of glasses, contact lenses, or laser surgery, depending on what you are comfortable with. You might be interested to look at laser eye surgery melbourne prices, for instance, if that is where you live, to have a better idea of which of the suggested solution would better fit your budget.

The Most Important Sense

Of the 5 senses we possess, our vision is the most important and with the strains and stresses of modern life, our eyes have to endure a lot of punishment, which is why you should have regular advanced eye examinations. Early diagnosis is essential, especially with eye related conditions and with state of the art OCT scanning, you can be sure that the expert will have an accurate read out of the health of your eyes.

An annual visit will ensure than any eye issues will be quickly detected and rectified by a qualified ophthalmologist and if you have recently relocated, an online search is the best way to locate your nearest eye specialist.