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How To Ensure Your Child Looks Their Best

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      March 12, 2018     -

Ensuring your kids are conscious of their appearance from an early stage can be greatly beneficial to their physical and mental health if done right. Of course, you’d want to refrain from raising a narcissistic or insecure child who worries too much about how they look, but helping them maintain a healthy, well-groomed image can make them a much happier teenager and adult in the future.

After all, appearance is becoming increasingly important in society and looking like you take care of yourself renders a much better first impression. This can help your child become much more confident and proud of their bodies. Included below are some simple steps that any parent can follow to help their kid look their best.

Start With Skincare

Skincare is an extremely important but often ignored part of a child’s daily routine. Most parents would choose a bar of soap and leave it at that. This can result in them growing up with acne during the teenage years, which can result in a loss of confidence, depression, and lifelong scarring.

Avoid this helping your child develop good habits from the beginning, such as washing twice daily with a cleanser and occasionally exfoliating. Ensure their skin is moisturized and oil is controlled as they get older, further preventing the chance of breakouts.

In the same light, wash their towels and pillowcases often, ensure they don’t eat too much sugar or oily foods and help them drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will significantly benefit more than just their skin.

A Great Hairstyle Goes A Long Way

While this may depend on the school they’re attending, having a neat, clean, and healthy head of hair is important for your child. Ensuring that they have a suitable hair care routine that involves washing and not using too many products will help prevent early balding among boys and unhealthy, frizzy hair among girls.

Of course, it’s only fair to let them choose how they want to style their hair to some extent, but it’s always good to give them some guidance along the way to ensure they don’t look back on their blunder years in shame. Head over to mynewhairstyles.net to find some great hairstyles for starters.

A Fashionable Wardrobe

During the time that your child’s height shoots up like a bamboo tree, your first instinct when it comes to new clothes would naturally be to buy as cheap as possible. However, helping your child develop their own personal style and a fashion sense can greatly benefit them in the future while giving them a much-needed boost of confidence through teenage years.

The idea isn’t to splurge on branded clothing but to rather choose clothing that looks a little neater and more fashionable than your traditional tee and jeans. Reddit’s /r/malefashionadvice and /r/streetwear are great places to start, as your children can develop an interest in fashion, which can help them make friends who share a common interest.


The idea is to help your child develop healthy habits and an eye for appearance, not to make them insecure about their own. So be sure to guide them and help them through the process; they’ll thank you for it when they grow up.