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Divorce, Separation, or Family Therapy: Which To Choose?

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      February 21, 2019     -

In the course of your relationships, especially the ones where you are very close or legally intertwined with another person, there may be challenges that you run across. At those intersections, you may have to decide whether divorce, separation, or family therapy is the right option for you to take. If you feel like your life would have more meaning if your relationships were better, then it’s important you consider all the possibilities.

There are several different approaches that you can take to identifying issues and healing your relationships. Maybe you want to try a trial separation. It could be that divorce is the best answer. Many people decide to go to family therapy before they make a drastic decision. And overall, it’s important to keep context in mind. If you try to compare your situation with other ones, it may be more harmful than helpful.

Trial Separation

If you and your spouse are trying to figure out if you would feel better apart, then perhaps try a trial separation. This will give you enough space to determine if breathing room is what you need. If both of you are happier being apart, then that’s a good indication that either something has to change drastically in the relationship, or you truly are better occupying different space and doing different things.


Many married couples eventually get divorced. They contact divorce lawyers, separate themselves legally, physically, and emotionally, and go about their lives in a new direction. There is not the same stigma about divorce as there has been in the past, which means that people are more reasonable and flexible with how they view the relationships in a broader sense. Divorce is not a decision that you should come too quickly, but if it is the smart way to go about things, then it should be regarded as a viable choice.

Therapy Options

Going to family therapy is sometimes the key that people need to get relationships back on track. Especially if parents are fighting about issues with their children, it might be that professional help gets everyone focused again on the primary concerns. It’s easy to get caught up in fighting with your spouse if you don’t have someone looking at your situation from a more logical standpoint, and that’s why family therapy is so valuable.

Keeping Context In Mind

No matter if you choose divorce, separation, or therapy, it’s important to keep context in mind. You can look at other people’s relationships and relationship decisions and say that you want to do what they did – but the fact is that every situation is different and needs to be treated independently. Trying to compare yourself with others can lead to results that are disappointing because of contextual differences.