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3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Having a Second Child

  • Lucy Thomas     -
  •      November 13, 2017     -

Many couples dream of having the home of their dreams, making a big family, and living happily ever after.  The excitement and optimism of how great this picturesque future looks can be enough to rush right into it.  However, bringing a second child into the picture can change the family dynamic enormously.

Some people think that a second baby means double the work.  However, many parents will agree that it’s not just double, it’s exponential.  Beyond the increased financial responsibility there are also many other aspects to consider before getting pregnant again.   Here are some of the most important things to ask yourself before you choose to have another child.

Do You Have Enough Space?

One of the biggest challenges of bringing another little person into the equation is that they will require more space.  You may not see it when they are babies and not yet mobile, but once they are toddlers you will start to see that they are another moving entity around the house and start accumulating more things which also require space.

If both of your children are the same gender it can make sense for them to share a room.  However, if they are a boy and girl, sharing rooms may not be as realistic as they get older.  Ask yourself whether you think that you will be able to accommodate a new family member before putting yourself in a challenging position.

Can You Afford The Time Off Work?

Having a baby means that you’ll have to dedicate some time to make sure the birth goes smoothly as well as being able to spend the first part of their life with them.  Some people are blessed with a hefty maternity leave, while others have to quit their jobs altogether in order to be able to have a baby.

Take a good look at your employment situation and see whether you think that you can currently take the time off of work that you require for a baby, or whether it may rock the boat in your position.  The same goes for your partner.  Would they be able to cover expenses while you take time off work or vice versa?

Are You Ready To Sleep Very Little Again?

Mother nature has a way of playing tricks on us.  When we get baby fever we start thinking about all of the fun parts of having a baby but forget about the stressful and sleepless nights.

Don’t forget that a new baby puts a major strain on your sleeping patterns and may affect the sleep of your first child.  This can lead to two very exhausted parents.  Are you ready to do this again?